Vendor / Solicitor License

To be added to the Township Do Not Solicit List please click this link to submit the request.

A license is required for any person going door to door in West Windsor Township. Applications are filed with the Clerk's Office and take from 4-6 weeks for approval. There is a fee of $50.00 for the year or any part thereof. Non-profit organizations, veterans and other exempt persons must file an application, in writing, with the Township Clerk.

Licensed Solicitors in West Windsor
New/Renewal Solicitor Application Packet
Non-Profit Solicitor Application

Canning Letter
Chapter 126 Peddling and Soliciting

SOLICITING AT PRINCETON JUNCTION TRAIN STATION: The train station is under the Parking Authority jurisdiction. For information about selling or the distribution of flyers in that area contact the West Windsor Parking Authority at 609-799-3130.

FOOD VENDING OR FOOD SOLICITING: Applicants for any type of food vending or soliciting must also apply to the West Windsor Township Health Department for a Health License and vehicle health inspection. 

EXEMPTIONS FROM LICENSE FEES UNDER STATE STATUTE 45:24-9: Applicants for exemption of license fee (veterans or exempt firemen) must fill out the application, SBI form, submit two photographs, and be fingerprinted by the Police Department. (LICENSE FEE ONLY IS WAIVED)

Veterans: Applicant must have a "Veteran's Card" from Mercer County (or other county in NJ). Applicant may apply for their card at the Mercer County Clerk's Office in the Mercer County Courthouse at Market and Broad Streets, Trenton, NJ. Phone 609-989-6464. Attach a photocopy of the certificate to your application.

Exempt Firemen: Applicant must have an "Exemption Certificate" to present to the Mercer County Clerk's Office (or other county in NJ). The County Clerk will then issue a certification. Attach a photocopy of the certificate to your application.