West Windsor Township Council

2024 Township Council

The Township Council is the legislative branch of the government. The five Council members are representatives of the people and are elected by the entire township regardless of neighborhood or election district. The Township Council members are elected on a non-partisan basis for four-year, staggered terms.

As the governing body of West Windsor, the Council reviews, revises, and adopts the annual municipal budget. It approves all major expenditures, contracts, and bill payments throughout the year. The Council also holds public hearings and passes resolutions and ordinances, including all zoning changes.

The Council elects a President and Vice President.  The President sets the agenda and is the presiding officer at meetings.  Council members also serve as voting members or liaisons to township boards and committees.  Council selects appointments or approves Mayoral appointments to various volunteer boards and committees as specified by law.

In West Windsor the Council also sits as the Board of Health (meetings are scheduled 4 times per year).

For more specific information on the Council see the Township Code: Chapter 4, Article III, Sections 4-11 thru 4-16.