Spring Clean Up Reminder from West Windsor Health Department – May 2022

Spring is here and residents are heading outdoors to enjoy our beautiful community! While walking and biking through town, they can encounter sidewalks or bikeways that are obstructed with overgrown grass, bushes, debris and tree limbs that interfere with safe passage.  Please take a moment this week to assess your property for needed upkeep.  Residents are reminded that property owners are responsible for maintaining properties free of overgrown or dead vegetation, poison ivy and accumulation of litter.   This includes front, side and reverse frontages up to the curb-line.  Reverse frontage refers to properties that have a walkway or roadway located adjacent to the rear portion of the property.  Regular maintenance not only helps to beautify the Town, but also helps prevent injuries, exposure to ticks, mosquitoes and poison ivy. Please help to promote an active, healthy lifestyle in West Windsor Township and maintain your property free of hazards.  Enjoy the nice weather and be safe.

For additional details please review the following document:  https://westwindsornj.org/images/health/Seasonal_Property_Maintenance_Notice_-2015_-2.pdf