Mercer County & DVRPC Improvements to
Princeton-Hightstown Road (CR 571)

This project will provide for improvements to Princeton-Hightstown Road (CR 571) in West Windsor Township from the intersections of Clarksville Road (CR 638) to Wallace-Cranbury Road (CR 615) near the Princeton Junction Train Station at West Windsor. Improvements will establish a "Main Street" and include pedestrian, bicycle, and site access improvements, including sidewalks and protected turn lanes, with no additional through travel lanes. Princeton-Hightstown Road (CR 571) is a Principal Arterial serving as the only direct link between Princeton Junction Train Station at West Windsor, the NJ Turnpike and municipalities east of West Windsor. A final construction schedule has not yet been established.

The project is to be constructed in two phases. The following plans identify the work in each phase. The Striping Plans provide an image of what the finished project will look like after construction is complete and all pavement marking have been applied. The Construction Plans are more detailed drawings indicating the specific work to be undertaken along each property. On the Construction Plans the existing locations of driveways, curbs and sidewalks are shown in the lighter gray linework, and proposed improvements are shown in the darker bold linework. The cross-sections (XSections) represent the road elements and dimensions at specific project roadway stations.