Division of Engineering
Flood Zone / Flood Hazard Area

In connection with the State's Inland Flood Rule published on July 17, 2023, the NJDEP launched New Jersey's Flood Indicator Tool website to aid the public in gauging flood risk.  The tool is a mapping program that can provide a visual display of flood indicators on or near properties entered into the tool. It builds on the FEMA FIRM maps for communities in NJ. This tool can be accessed at: https://dep.nj.gov/inland-flood-protection-rule/flood-tool/

Owners of properties designated in a flood zone are encouraged to protect their assets by acquiring flood insurance. Learn more about the National Flood Insurance Program at:  https://www.floodsmart.gov/

Flood prone property owners can also look into the State's Blue Acres program for potential buyout to reduce flood risks and future claims. Learn more at: https://dep.nj.gov/blueacres/homeowners/

Any use of flood hazard areas within the Township is strictly regulated under the Township Code, Chapter 200 Land Use, Part 6 Flood Damage and Prevention https://ecode360.com/8066692 

If you need help trying to determine if a property is within a Flood Zone / Flood Hazard Area - Click here for the online FEMA Mapping service. Alternatively, you can visit the Community Development Department during normal business hours and someone will assist you with reviewing paper copies of the adopted FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps for West Windsor Township.

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