Shade Tree Guidelines & Policy

 The Shade Tree Commission has posted documents and videos here offering guidance or policy statements regarding Arboricultural topics of interest to residents. It is recommended that you consult with a Licensed Tree Expert or Licensed Tree Care Operator for any matters that you believe may be beyond your ability, particularly if the matter can’t be handled from ground level or is close to utilities or structures.

Basic Tree Maintenance
Before Hiring a Tree Care Business
Do's and Don'ts with Storm Damaged Trees
Pruning Ornamental Shrubs


MULCH MADNESS…No Volcano (English / Spanish)
Trees are asking...STOP MULCH MADNESS


About Lichen
Bacterial Leaf Scorch Information
Periodical Cidada and Tree Damage
Spotted Lanternfly Information


plant a tree

How to Plant a Tree Guidance – Produced by local Boy Scout Troop.

prune a tree

How to Prune a Tree Guidance – Produced by local Boy Scout Troop.

Tree Diseases