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Sustainable West Windsor

The Sustainable West Windsor Plan was a major development project of the Environmental Commission. This plan was funded by a grant from the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) and a Smart Future Planning grant from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (NJ DCA).

The Sustainable West Windsor Plan 2007 was a project initiated by the Township Environmental Commission with an objective to provide a roadmap for evolving the Township into a more environmentally sustainable community by:

  • Defining “sustainable” for West Windsor;
  • Identifying actions and achievements to attain sustainability;
  • Tracking progress over time.

West Windsor Township will be most successful in implementing sustainable development if these actions relate to the significant issues facing the community. The Township’s Master Plan describes many of these issues. However, the identified approaches to implementing the Master Plan may not include sustainability as a criterion for selection and the comprehensive nature of sustainability planning may raise issues not previously represented in a master plan. It’s envisioned that the Sustainable West Windsor Plan 2007 will inform future Master Plan updates.