Notice to Residential or Business Alarm Owners: It is that time of year again, please register or renew your alarms.

According to the Township ordinance regulating alarm systems (Chap. 34), any type of alarm-activating equipment which provides warning of burglary, intrusion, fire, flood or other potential for harm to life or property must be registered with the West Windsor Police.

An annual fee in the amount of $25 must accompany each required alarm registration application. Any alarm device or alarm system installed that is not registered with the Police Division needs to be done by March 31, 2023.

The Alarm Registration applications can be located on the West Windsor Police website: To obtain a printable renewal or new alarm application on the website: Click on “Registrations” then “Burglar Alarms” and then “Alarm Renewal” or “here” for new Alarm registration form.

Please mail the alarm application/payment by mail to: West Windsor Police Dept. - P.O. Box 38, Attn: Records, West Windsor, N.J. 08550. Check or money order made payable to: West Windsor Township.

To submit in person, a drop off box for Alarm payments is located inside the Police Headquarters lobby area located at 271 Clarksville Road, West Windsor NJ 08550. Police lobby is open 24 hours.

No online or electronic payment is available.

If you have any questions please call the Records Department at 609-799-9282 or email  .
If your alarm system is not active and still registered with Police Department, you must call to be removed from the alarm registration data file.