COVID-19 Update – November 18th, Wednesday 

We had thirty-five new COVID-19 cases reported since last Thursday through last night (Tuesday). That is an average of almost 6 cases per day; the highest average since the first case was reported on March 19th. This brings the total cases in WW to 342. This is in keeping with the increase in number of cases in neighboring towns, county and the state.  

COVID-19 Cases Reported in West Windsor Residents    -     342 
Recent Activity During the Previous 6 days    -     35 
(November 12, 2020 through November 17, 2020)  

The steady increase in the number of cases poses significant challenge to all of us as well as the West Windsor health department. The health department continues to monitor case reports seven days a week and initiates immediate investigation, informs close contacts and takes necessary steps to prevent further spread in our community. The person calling following your positive test result works for the West Windsor health department. Please cooperate with him/her in contact tracing efforts and help stop the spread of disease in our community.  

The health officer notes that the spread is through small contacts - neighbors meeting neighbors, kids playing together, at work from co-workers, etc. It is therefore important to take all precautions in every setting. Please continue to wear a mask, avoid crowds, maintain social distance and wash your hands often. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.  

Given the increased number of cases, many people have requested that I go back to daily reporting. That can be a little misleading because the cases we receive on a given day, depend on how long a person waits before getting tested and how long the lab takes to report the results. It’s not an accurate indication of how many people got infected on a particular day. With that in mind and to manage the health officer’s time most efficiently, I will start reporting twice weekly starting next week. On Tuesday the 24th, I will report on number of new cases between today (18th) and Monday (23rd). On Friday (27th), I will report cases between Tuesday and Friday.  

When things are looking bad, I am reminded that “It’s the darkest just before dawn.” With that thought, today’s picture is of a beautiful sunrise in West Windsor by Maggi Morales.  

Please do your part in combating this pandemic. Stay safe and keep others safe.  

Maggi Morales Sunrise South Lane

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