Hometown Heroes

During the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, many West Windsor public
and private groups came together to help our community.

Today, Mayor Marathe and the Township Council would like to publicly thank:



Mercer Mask Project is a not-for-profit group of volunteers making masks and gowns for healthcare professionals, first responders, other essential employees, and anyone else who needs them.2

At the start of the COVID crisis, LeeAnn Glozman, a nurse practitioner, needed masks and other PPE to take care of COVID patients, due to the nationwide shortage, and reached out to her friend Brittany Cole, who is a master seamstress, to see if she could make her a mask. Meanwhile, Cindy Rosen, who had materials left over from her previous work with Project Linus, set up a Facebook group to see if people in the community could use those materials to make masks. LeeAnn's husband Johan connected with Cindy to combine these efforts. Over the next few weeks, Cindy, LeeAnn, Johan, Brittany, and her husband Brian teamed up to scale up their efforts. Materials were obtained from various donors, cut, and converted into sewing kits. Dozens of volunteers from the area took those kits and converted them into masks, which were distributed across the area. Other volunteers helped by providing sewing machines, washing materials, and masks, and doing deliveries to and from various points in the assembly line. Sonia Gawas from the West Windsor town council participated in weekly Zoom calls, as did Angela Diez and Joseph Pregler, working late hours to coordinate. Masks were delivered to first responders, nursing homes, other people in need, and even the military. The effort was even expanded to gowns!

All in all, the Mercer Mask Project produced over 21,600 masks as well as over 1500 gowns.


Mercer Mask Project is composed of:

  • Brittany Cole
  • Brian Cole
  • Angela Castano Diez
  • Sonia Gawas
  • LeeAnn Glozman
  • Johan Glozman
  • Joseph Pregler
  • Cynthia Schwab Rosen
  • ...and more


Mercer Mask Project would also like to thank:

  • Hamilton Washery
  • Girl Scouts
  • Printworx
  • Project Linus
  • Sara Monica LLC
  • Plainsboro Mask Squad
  • West Windsor Arts Council