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How do I request records?

The Township Clerk is the Custodian of Records and each Division has a designated deputized Records Representative. Requests must be in writing and completed on a "Request for Public Records" form and hand-delivered, mailed or faxed to the Township Clerk or Clerk's Office representative. Record requests cannot be made by telephone. This does not apply to immediate access records which are normally given to the public upon request. All records inspected or copied must be privacy redacted prior to delivery. The request form is then given to the Records Representative for that particular division. The Records Representative may require a deposit or full payment where requests for duplication are in excess of $5.00.

What is the timetable for access?

Records Representatives have (7) seven business days to either fulfill or deny the request for a document. If the request involves large amounts of information, both the requestor and the Records Representative can agree to an extension of time.

Will I be charged for copies?

The fees for copies are $0.05 per page for 8 ½ x 11; $0.07 per page for 8 ½ x 14; and $0.10 per page for 11 x 17.

Deposits or prepayments may be required particularly for large requests.

Tapes, maps, exhibits, transcripts have separate fees based upon the actual cost to the agency or municipal division for the reproduction. A fee may also be imposed for requests which take research or additional labor.

What information formats are available?

Custodians can provide records in the format requested if those formats exist at the agency or municipal division. Charges will be assessed to the applicant based upon the actual costs for reproduction.

What happens if I am denied access to a document?

The Township Clerk will provide a "Denial of Access" form stating the reason for being denied access to the document. The requestor has a right to appeal the decision that the document or documents are not public records. You may take your appeal to the Government Records Council or to the New Jersey Superior Court, as provided by N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et seq. If your request has been denied, a statement of the procedures for the appeal will be attached to the notification.


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