DATE:                  October 7, 2009

TIME:                   7:00 p.m.

LOCATION:        West Windsor Municipal Building – Room A







2.            ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS


3.            *MINUTES:                                     August 26, 2009; September 2, 2009; September 16, 2009                 


4.            LIAISON REPORTS:                    Affordable Housing Committee

                                                                           Environmental Commission

                                                                           Sustainability Subcommittee



5.            *CHAIRMAN’S COMMENTS

 AND CORRESPONDENCE:       ³ Public Comments - Non-agenda items (Limit 15 minutes)



6.            *APPLICATION:                           PB09-05 Trustees of Princeton University-

                                                                           Maintenance Yard Addition                                                     

Preliminary/Final Major Site Plan

                                                                           Tiger Lane; Block 3, Lots 1, 2

                                                                           Property Zoned:  E District

                                                                           MLUL: 10-8-09


This project concerns the construction of five (5) storage/warehouse buildings on the property of The Trustees of Princeton University to the west of Lower Harrison Street (Block 3, Lots 1 and 2 on the Tax Map of the Township of West Windsor). Additional improvements will include outdoor storage areas, parking areas, landscaping, a bio-retention stormwater basin, driveways and fencing (Waivers are sought for banked parking, distance between structures, screening landscaping, bicycle spaces, etc.). The buildings, with each to be approximately 10,000 square feet, will be built over time. The buildings are designed to be semi-agricultural in style to fit in with the nature of the area.



7.            CLOSED SESSION:                  (If Needed)       


8.            ADJOURNMENT           

               Marvin Gardner, Chair

                                                                                                                                                            Chuck Chang, Vice Chair


(*Indicates formal action may be taken).

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