DATE:                    September 17, 2008


TIME:                     7:00 p.m.


LOCATION:          West Windsor Municipal Building – Room A








2.             ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS


3.             *CHAIRMAN’S COMMENTS

 AND CORRESPONDENCE:            ³ Public Comments - Non-agenda items (Limit 15 minutes)



4.             *APPLICATION:                                PB06-01 AMENDED  19 ROSZEL ROAD, LLC.

                                                                                Amended Preliminary/Final Site Plan and Bulk Variance

                                                                                19 Roszel Road; Block 9, Lot 62

                                                                                Property Zoned:  ROM-2 District

                                                                                MLUL: July 30, 2008

The Planning Board previously approved for two three-story office buildings, containing a total of 100,500 square feet, with 350 parking spaces, on a 7.75 acre property known as 19 Roszel Road, located between Alexander Road and Carnegie Center Drive.  The applicant is seeking amended preliminary and final site plan approval, in order to construct a dry detention basin in place of the previously approved wet basin.  The applicant also is requesting the same variance previously granted by the Board, to allow the basin to be located within the 75 foot landscaping area within the front yard at the street right-of-way.


5.             *ORDINANCE REVIEW:  Housing Trust Fund – Residential Development Fee


6.             *MASTER PLAN:                               Draft Fair Share Plan


7.             CLOSED SESSION:                    (If Needed)        


8.             ADJOURNMENT                               


Marvin Gardner, Chair

Steve Decter, Vice Chair

(*Indicates formal action may be taken).

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