DATE:              September 3, 2008


TIME:               7:00 p.m.


LOCATION:      West Windsor Municipal Building – Room A












3.         *MINUTES:                               June 25, 2008; July 2, 2008; July 23, 2008



 AND CORRESPONDENCE:      ³ Public Comments - Non-agenda items (Limit 15 minutes)



5.         *LIAISON AND SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS:                 a)  Environmental Commission

                                                                                                b)  Affordable Housing Committee

                                                                                                c)  Sustainability Subcommittee



6.         *APPLICATIONS;          a)         PB00-05 AMENDED BEAR CREEK SENIOR HOUSING

                                                            Request for one (1) year extension of approvals

                                                            Southeast Corner Village Road East and Old Trenton Road; Block 33, Lot 1.02

                                                            Property Zoned:  PRRC District

                                                            MLUL:  NA

                                                            (continued from July 2, 2008)


This application is for a second one year extension of Bear Creek Senior Housing, LLC of its site plan approval, File No. PB00-05 Amended.  The Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law in File No. PB00-05 Amended was adopted by the West Windsor Township Planning Board on June 15, 2005.  This site plan relates to the applicant’s proposed construction of a community building and two age restricted independent living buildings, together with associated site improvements, on the property which is known and designated as Block 33, Lot 1.02, West Windsor Township, Mercer County, New Jersey.  This property is situated at the corner of Old Trenton Road (Mercer County Route 535) and Village Road East; it is 27.84 acres in size; and it is in the PRCC Zoning District.  On October 17, 2007, the West Windsor Township Planning Board adopted a resolution to memorialize its granting of a first one year extension of the site plan approval to June 15, 2008.  The applicant is now seeking a second extension of the site plan approval to June 15, 2009.       


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                                                b)         PB08-07 CHURCH OF ST. DAVID THE KING

                                                            Preliminary/Final Major Site Plan and Conditional Use

                                                            1 New Village Road; Block 24.03, Lot 1.02

                                                            Property Zoned:  R-1A District

                                                            MLUL:  September 26, 2008


The application of The Church of St. David the King, 1 New Village Road, Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550, is for preliminary/final site plan approval and conditional use approval for the church’s proposed addition project.  In this regard, the church is proposing to renovate certain interior spaces within its current 18,804 square foot building and to expand the building by constructing a 24,062 square foot one story addition, with a 4,506 square foot partial basement and a 3,190 square foot interior open-air prayer garden, to better provide liturgical and related services to its current congregation of 1,865 registered families.  The expansion area will include a multi-use hall, meeting rooms, offices, kitchen facilities, an outdoor patio area and storage space.



7.         CLOSED SESSION:                  (If Needed)       


8.         ADJOURNMENT                      


Marvin Gardner, Chair

Steve Decter, Vice Chair



(*Indicates formal action may be taken).

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