DATE:                   January 20, 2010

TIME:                    7:00 p.m.

LOCATION:         West Windsor Municipal Building – Room A







2.             ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS



3.             *CHAIRMAN’S COMMENTS      ³ Public Comments - Non-agenda items (Limit 15 minutes)




4.             *APPLICATIONS:                              a)          PB 09-11 CHABAD OF THE WINDSORS

                                                                                                Conditional Use and Site Plan Waiver

                                                                                                Block 32, Lot 21 Windsor Road Site

                                                                                                Property Zoned: RR/C District

                                                                                                MLUL:  1-21-10


The applicant seeks permission to use the premises located at 1300-1306 Windsor Road to conduct religious services.  The property consists of 3.34 acres and has one 20,000 square foot building.  Applicant is conducting classes and other activities in the building in conformity with the applicable Ordinances; however, use of the building for religious services requires a conditional use variance, pursuant to West Windsor Township Ordinance.  No physical changes to the site are being sought nor anticipated.  The use proposed will not impact neighboring properties in any way different from the prior uses of the property.   There is sufficient parking on the property to accommodate Applicant’s use.



                                                                                 b)           PB09-10 CDNJ PLAZA LLC

                                                                                                Preliminary/Final Major Site Plan

Block 12.04, Lot 2

Princeton Hightstown Road

                                                                                                Property Zoned:  RP-7 District

                                                                                                MLUL:  1-20-10


The applicant requests preliminary and final major site plan approval for a net increase of approximately 2,300 square feet of floor area at CDNJ Plaza located at 61 Princeton Hightstown Road (Route 571).  The proposal is to demolish approximately 4,200 square feet of the existing "Barn" building and construct an approximately 6,500 square feet addition to the same building.  There will be a net increase of 9 parking spaces to accommodate the new floor space.  Four of the 9 spaces will be banked for construction in the future, if needed.  Variances are requested to allow the building to be setback greater than the build-to setback of 15 feet.  Waivers are requested for the width of the landscape buffer, the distance between parking and the building and for relief from the requirement to provide loading areas. 










5.             CLOSED SESSION:                    (If needed)        


6.             ADJOURNMENT








                Marvin Gardner, Chair

 (*Indicates formal action may be taken).                                                                                            Chuck Chang, Vice Chair









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